Dedicated to building top quality equipment for those who want a board at a professional level,
Built from the heart of some of the top manufacturers in the U.S. AJW Strives in continuing to travel the world and shape on an international level, to maintain some of the newest designs and techniques, and by pushing our designs into more than just another board label, but one that u can trust has been ridden by top notch surfers in some of the best waves in the world. 

Website: www.ajwsurfboards.com


I started surfing in 1976 in Daytona Beach, FL on a cut-off longboard and I was hooked. Working on surfboards started in 1980 doing board repairs. This is when I started surfing contests, winning the Regional ESA & NSSA, and 1982 NSSA Florida State Champion.


In 1984 I turned Pro and went out to win and place in contests through the years.  By 1986, Clubber Surfboards was started and I was sanding surfboards and  shaping some with the help of business partner Chuck Hundley who passed 
away in 1999. In 1996, Clever Surfboards was started with the help of Ron Laudermilk. I have traveled and surfed around the world. Shaping and Surfing is my passion.


Website: www.cleversurfboards.com


Maybe you're like me, for most of my life I've had an idea, a picture in my mind about technology. I would conjure up images of clean rooms- sterile environments, high dollar gadgets made in gray-walled factories with security fences, ID badges and protocol...always lots of protocol. It all seemed a bit hostile to us humans-something alien... soul-less.

Turns out, for us, we've had an opposite experience.  Blood, sweat and tears - ideas and prayers in the middle of the night. Frustration and Joy in witnessing our technology come together to produce something incredibly unique for you, as well as for us.

Going back to that image of what technology looked like in my mind's eye and now comparing it to the reality of what our technology really looks like...what Coil is...is far more personal than I could have possibly imagined!


Website: www.coilsurf.com


Cronin Surfboards specializes in creating custom made surfboards. They are fine tuned to fit individuals specific needs through design and performance. Our mission is to maintain the highest quality , by using the best materials and craftsmanship.





Website: www.croninsurf.com


SINCE 1968. Jimmy Lewis has shaped boards in Maui for decades. His goal is to make an uncompromising ride from the highest quality materials. Surfboard shaper since 1968 and inventor of the twin tip kite board, world record setting wind surfers, and the first All Around SUP.





Website: www.jimmylewis.com


With 40 years of shaping experience, Tom Neilson has reached cult status on the East Coast for his custom surfboards and innovative design concepts. The Neilson Surfboards retail store is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He ships both stock and custom surfboards all over the world. Tom works with polyurethane, EPS/epoxy and other materials like bamboo and carbon fiber to create magic surfboards. Whether you are looking for a stock board off the rack, or a highly personalized custom surfboard, Tom Neilson can shape you what you want.


Website: www.tomneilsonshapes.com


Starr Surfboards are handshaped and glassed in Florida, and are designed to perform in all conditions from ankle high to well over head high.  With over 40 years of experience in surfboard design and construction, we continually stive to push the performance and functionality of our boards.




Website: www.starrsurfboards.com


We are Stoke Surfboards, Purveyors of that feeling that keeps us coming back for more. Our specialty is custom surfboard design. The crastsmen at Stoke have all been seasoned in Hawaii. They all have worked and been influnced by other shops and masters such as Eberly, Bud Garnder, Kai Nalu, Clean Ocean, Mystic, C.R. Surf Designs, Hawaiian Surf, and J.C. Hawaii. 





Torq Surfboards




Surfing saves your soul.